What means AOVE?

AOVE is the short name for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Spanish.

AOVE is the natural juice of olives, but not just any juice, but one where no defects have been detected in its aroma or taste, i.e. a perfect juice.

These four letters represent the best natural olive juice that can be produced, an oil made from olives in good condition, treated only by mechanical procedures, which must not show defects of any kind. It is, therefore, an oil of maximum quality, the one of greater qualities. Presenting an indisputable taste and smell, absence of defects.

So easy. So difficult

This term has been generalized in recent years, fruit of the effort did by the people working in the olive grove.

Therefore鈥 what is oil?

The word “oil” encompasses a multitude of lipids and liquid fats, even some inedible. They can also be seed oils (sunflower, soybean, peanut, sesame, corn, etc.).

Which sorts of olive oil can we found?

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (AOVE): It is an olive juice that reminds a fruit in its optimum state, without any type of sensory default.

VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: It is an olive juice that has been extracted from a more deteriorated olive or that has not been obtained of the most appropriate form and therefore in the tasting, when smelling it or tasting it, sensorial defects appear.

OLIVE OIL: It is a mixture of refined olive oil with a percentage of virgin olive oil. At this point we must explain what is a lampante oil and a refined oil.

Lampante: it is the worst oil obtained by the mill, for example, the one obtained from soil olives, it is not suitable for its consumption and therefore it is necessary to submit it to a chemical treatment.

Refined: it is the lampante oil once treated chemically by its purification, neutralization, discoloration and deodorization.

Are all AOVE’s the same?

Each AOVE has a very defined personality or character, very different according to the area, the varieties from which it comes, the date and the state in which the olives have been harvested, the way in which it has been elaborated, conserved, etc.

The lack of knowledge of what an AOVE is with respect to a virgin oil, and what is more serious, with respect to an olive oil, which no matter how much the label “mild” or “intense” indicates is an industrial product, is the great pending subject in the vast majority of the Spanish public, despite the fact that Spain is the largest producer and marketer of olive oil in the world.

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