Special Chopped Pork


Crismona offers a wide range of qualities and formats to satisfy the taste of all consumers. Always using top quality ingredients, within the range of Pork Choppeds we have up to 5 different qualities, depending on the ingredients and in two different contents (round and square). We also have the TURKEY CHOPPED which is ideal for people looking for a diet with fewer calories and lighter.

All choppeds, having been cooked in a tin, as to retain all their juiciness and flavor, in addition to accentuating their aroma.

They are protected inside the tin by a bag that helps to preserve their properties longer once opened. The cans do not need cold for conservation, although it is recommended as to offer a perfect visual cut presentation.

Nutritional Facts


Nutritional Facts

1003 kj ó 239,5 kcal


16,94 g


1,20 g

Of which sugars

0,39 g


18,55 g

Of which saturated

7,10 g


1,90 g


Carne, Agua, Almidón de maíz, Sal, Estabilizadores E-451 y E-450, Proteínas de leche, Potenciador del sabor E-621, Aromas, Antioxidante E-301, Aroma de humo, Conservador E-250


Contains soya and derivatives, milk and derivatives, gluten free.