Crismona launches a new can that you want to take everywhere

Therefore, what are the benefits of this new size with the current society situation? The main one, and the one that everyone who has tried it highlights, is that the entire product is eaten on each meal. Therefore, we saved money, food is not wasted and we can also take it anywhere as its easy to transport (both to work, such as a campsite or picnic). And what better way to always open your can of Crismona for a sandwich or in a salad, and that all the content is consumed. In Crismona we are convinced about the importance of food responsability, as well as trying to solve questions demanded by the public.

Por ello, ¿Qué beneficios tiene este nuevo formato con la situación actual de la sociedad? El principal, y el que todo aquel que lo ha probado destaca, es que en cada comida se gasta prácticamente la totalidad del producto. Por lo que se ahorra dinero, no se desperdicia comida y además podemos llevarla a cualquier lugar por su facilidad de transporte (tanto al trabajo, como a un camping o picnic). Y qué mejor manera de abrir siempre tu lata de Crismona para un bocadillo o una ensalada, y que todo el contenido se consuma. Desde Crismona estamos convencidos en la importancia de la responsabilidad alimentaria, además de intentar buscar soluciones que demanda el público.

Another of the important points for which we have acted from Crismona are the data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture or by the Association of High Consume Company. The first institution points out that more than 1,300 million kilos of food are wasted and end up in the garbage every year, while the second institution points out that almost 9 out of 10 people feel bad when a product goes wrong in the fridge.

Por lo tanto, queremos respaldar la importancia de usar este nuevo formato, que podrás encontrar en todas las superficies comunes (supermercados, tiendas de comestibles, etc…), y que nos digas que te parece. Para ello escríbenos al email

At Crismona we are interested in your opinion. We look forward to seeing you on our website!

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