Crismona launches a new can that you want to take everywhere

Therefore, what are the benefits of this new size with the current society situation? The main one, and the one that everyone who has tried it highlights, is that the entire product is eaten on each meal. Therefore, we saved money, food is not wasted and we can also take it anywhere as its easy […]

That you don’t miss Crismona’s cart in your celebrations

  As you can see in the images, the decorative cart has been decorated by our brand, with the new image of Crismona sausages. And this has been one of the spaces to publicize these new products of the brand, which have a larger size, maintaining the highest quality in the products used to make […]

What means AOVE?

AOVE is the short name for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Spanish. AOVE is the natural juice of olives, but not just any juice, but one where no defects have been detected in its aroma or taste, i.e. a perfect juice. These four letters represent the best natural olive juice that can be produced, an […]

The best recipe

The best recipe designated by our chef was that of Mª Carmen Santos González (Castro del Río), with her Millefeuilles of zucchini, chópped Crismona and cheese: Ingredients 1 medium zucchini 1 large tomato 6 slices of sandwich cheese 6 slices of chopped Crismona 3 medium eggs Salt Pepper Elaboration: The first thing we will do […]